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Be storm ready

20 November 2012

Recent storm activity over the weekend is a timely reminder of the need for residents to be prepared for summer storms.

Lockyer Valley Mayor Steve Jones, said while we can’t stop storms, we can prepare for them.

“To be storm ready, leaves should be cleaned from gutters regularly and households should have an emergency kit containing a flashlight, batteries, non perishable food, bottled water, a first aid kit and a battery operated radio,” he said.

The Australian Early Warning Network (EWN) provides free emergency alerts about damaging weather such as hail, flash flooding, damaging winds, cyclone and bushfires.

Residents are able to register to receive warnings via SMS to mobiles, email, voicemail (text to voice) and desktop alerts by logging onto Council’s website and filling out a form at

“By using this service, residents will be able to prepare themselves for serious threat. Receiving an early warning provides additional time for people to take appropriate action and protect their property,” Cr Jones said.

“A series of storm messages are also being uploaded to Council’s Facebook and Youtube pages each week providing useful information to better prepare for storms.”

“When a storm does hit the region, staff are continually updating our Facebook page with vital information including road closures and emergency phone numbers,” he said.

The Lockyer Valley often experiences severe storms at this time of year so the time to start preparing is now.

Don’t leave it to the last minute – prepare your property and your emergency kit today.